Restauration Cadillac Eldorado Convertible 1973, Motor V8,  500 cui

Restoration beginning of December 2008: Estimated completion in 2015

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Disassembly was more difficult than anticipated. Many parts were rusted together with the screws. It took a lot of patience and feeling and the decision to restoration dwindled day by day.
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All parts that were removed, were brought to the beam and most of then coated. The interior trim on the doors, leather seats, carpet, fixtures, wiring harnesses, windows, convertible top, so the entire interior was thrown out and was only stored once. What remained was only the body and the frame.  

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Now came the moment of truth. How much rust has the body really? If the frame is still as good as at the first glance? On the body had to be removed some little parts. The trunk channel was welded only in the footwell a little pitting. From the context, I took a 10L bucket full of dirt and residues mice, as well as their spent pantry. The frame had to be welded nowhere and was just in very good condition. The body rubbers were just defective, fuel lines without damage, torsion bar suspension without flaws. Now the restoration finally took a turn. The rust had down. Thanks sandblasting a breeze.

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After blasting the bare frame  was treated and painted with POR 15 in gloss black. All cables made new, all bearing the hub and suspension front and rear renewed, brakes front and rear renewed, expanded torsion bar suspension, cleaned and reinstalled in the new and previously painted state. Installed new rear shock (Hi Jacker) and forward (default). Finally, pocketed the entire frame with underseal and 4 Kg Mike Sanders applied rustproofing, the inside of the frame with 360 ° nozzle at 60 ° C

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After blasting the body was once welded and smoothed to the above points. This was then completely painted with a 2K epoxy primer. Underbody, trunk, interior, fire wall, fender inside and interior doors were painted with Sikaflex in black, also sealed all the seams and joints with Sikaflex. That was actually the biggest dirty work.

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All work on the frame and the body were so far completed and the composite nothing stood in the way.
The engine installation I had the expert help of Werner Wallner, Bison Service GmbH. It was an experience that I will never forget.

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The gearbox has been overhauled, repainted, renewed all parts like water pump, alternator, fresh air pump, belts and mount rubbers. On the right picture, the state of the motor 2010

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Without neighbor aid goes nothing. With 5 man the 1.9 x 1.9 m wide hood is attached. Luckily, most of them are themselves screwdriver, V8 and Harley riders

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Soon there will be new pictures. At the moment I'm building  the fittings and the electrical system.

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