1. US Classic Hallertau

08. - 10. Juli 2016

85290 Geisenfeld Bavaria

Bluegrass live music on friday evening

Rock'N Roll live on Saturday night and competition of ,,Miss Petticoat"

Saturday and Sunday: Carshow, Rock'N Roll live, Burger, Icecream ...

Free entry, sponsoring welcome

Only US Cars up to 1986, no limitation for US Bikes

more information next time

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1250 Cars and Bikes, 12000 Visitors at the 5. Hallertauer US Car & Harley Meeting in Mainburg

Pictures at Cutback 2015


IG US-Car makes a donation to Rotary Mainburg-Hallertau  and Elsendorf Scorpions

As every year the gifts of the participators were donated to a social organisation: 2013  we gave 1000 Euro  to Rotary Mainburg who wants to use the money for its youth foundation. Also our famous Baseball-Team of the "Holledau", the Elsendorf Scorpins got 500 Euro for their youth activities.



Donation  for the Mukoviszidose-Foundation

1000 Euro out of the lottery got the German "Mukoviszidose-Foundation". Chairwomen Henriette Staudter gave the money to a man who contacted CF an besides lost his home by the high-water in Southern Germany in June 2013.


Helicopter-flight for the winners of the lottery at the 4. US-Car-Meeting 2013

Barbara and Florian Bäuml from Mainburg were the lucky ones who won a helicopter-flight at the lottery of the 4. US-Car-Meeting. On August 31 they started at Landshut Airport for a round trip. They were brought to the airport from Markus Kellerer with his Ford Gran Torino. Barbara and Florias enjoyed their journey a lot - "we even don´t know what was better - being driven by an Gran Torino or by an helicopter", they smiled.